雅思口语话题Part3范文:a time when you taught somebody to do something

  参考范文:Describe a time when you were teaching a friend or a relative to do something

  1. What can young people teach old people? 年轻人能教给老年人什么?

  Well, how to use and make most of new technology, first of all. I mean using a computer or a smartphone, which can be a problem for the old without somebody's help. What is more, I think the young can teach the elderly to try new things, have fun and enjoy the moment as this is what they do themselves all the time. I would also add to the list of lessons such things as being diverse, noticing and enjoying the little things, laughing every day and. of course, fulfilling dreams as all this can make twilight years pleasant and enjoyable.

  2. Do you think anything can be learnt by studying hard? 你认为通过努力学习能学到什么吗?

  Well, I would say more likely yes than no because our intelligence is not fixed but trained as all other muscles we have, and the more we struggle, the better results we get. On the other hand though, there are specific subjects that require innate skills or talent. The good news is that there are not many subjects like this. So, yeah, studying hard can help us master almost any skills, to my mind.

  3. What kind of people are good at teaching? 什么样的人擅长教学?

  Well, I guess, first of all, knowledgeable and competent as it's really important for a good teacher to be able to answer all students' questions accurately and lay a good foundation for mastering the subject. I also think people good at teaching are imaginative and innovative, I mean able to break monotony as well as get students excited to learn the subject and take lively participation in the class. What else? Oh, they are interactive, for sure, doing their best to develop students' creative self-expression communicative skills, and, of course motivating to spark students to use their knowledge whenever possible.

  Part3范文:activity (something) you do to keep fit(healthy)

  参考范文:Describe an activity (something) you do to keep fit(healthy)

  1. Do you think young people should be allowed to play dangerous sports?你认为年轻人应该被允许做危险运动吗?

  Oh, it's a tricky question indeed. On the one hand, they should because the benefits often outweigh the risks. For example, physical risk in childhood results in an ability to properly assess future physical risks, which is really important in adult life. Moreover, dangerous sports provide a setting to accomplish the development of a child's self-affirmation as well as help young people discover their potential talent and special abilities. But, on the other hand, young people shouldn't be a to do dangerous sports 'cause they tend to underestimate risk and can hurt themselves seriously.

  2. What can parents do to make their children like sports? 为了让孩子喜欢运动,父母应该做些什么?

  I think the first thing parents should do to instill a love of doing sport in kids is to make playing sport a family event. Parents should play with them not to teach skills but to just have fun. One more thing I consider important is to let kids choose a sport they enjoy and help them fit it into their everyday lives. It's also a good idea for parents to learn some sport together with children or take kids to sporting events, letting them see people having fun as they play. I am sure that one or all these methods together will help children fall in love with sports.

  3. What else can people do to keep fit apart from sports? 除了运动,还有什么能让人们保持健康?

  Well, they can be as active as possible in their everyday life, first of all. They can work in the garden, play with kids. tidy the house. They can also make renovation from time to time climbing up and down the step-ladder or walk a dog if they have one or just dance whenever they hear music. What is more, it's vital for people to eat healthy food. drink plenty of water, get enough sleep and walk a lot because these things influence our body and shape as well. I would also advise not to eat late in the evening and not to drink too much alcohol 'cause this is what will harm people's health and prevent progress.

  4. What kind of sports are popular in your country? 哪些运动在你的国家非常流行?

  Oh, I would say all kinds of ball games. People in my country are fond of football because it has simple rules. can be played just with a ball almost anywhere, is very entertaining to watch and play and very short which makes viewers actively involved in the game from the beginning to the end. There are also a lot of basketball and volleyball fans. Basketball can be played with 5 or more friends all at the same time and provides a whole lot of fun. Volleyball is very aerobic and athletic and attracts people with its strategy. These days there a' also lots of people in my country enjoying tennis which is one of the dynamic sports requiring total involvement of its players. Tennis encourages Interaction, communication and just plain fun and is a great stress reliever which makes it even more loverable.

  话题P3范文:Describe a couple you konw who have a happy marriage

  示例范文:Describe a couple you know who have a happy marriage

  1. Do you often attend weddings? 你经常参加婚礼吗?

  Answer: I seldom attend weddings, very seldom this is for the reason that it’s not everyday or every month that my friends or relatives get married. Hence, when I need to attend a wedding ceremony I never miss it since it’s just once in a lifetime experience. As a matter of fact, the last time I attended a wedding was couple of years ago. It was my friends wedding and the experience was impeccable primary because I got to see her in a beautiful wedding gown and I was able to meet my former classmates as well. We had so much fun!

  2. What wedding gifts are popular in China? 什么样的结婚礼物在中国很受欢迎?

  Answer: In my home country, money is the most well-known gift in a wedding. Let me elaborate my answer, Chinese people are wise when it comes it to gift giving due to the reason that they want the receiver to spend the money on things they need and like. Instead of giving them things like clothes or appliances, sometimes these things don’t suit people and might end up giving it to others or stocking it at home. Another point I want to tell you about is, it’s part of our tradition. You know, we put the money in a red envelope called “Hongbao” to give the receiver a good luck and fortune. So basically, couples receive plenty of money during their wedding day.

  3. What do you think is the perfect age for marriage? 你认为结婚的最佳年龄是什么?

  Answer: That’s an interesting question! Well, In my personal point of view, 27 to 30 years old is the best age for marriage for the reason that people have stable job and possibly be financially stable. generally, most people graduate from the university before 25 years old and by then they could start hunting a job. One more thing is that, being a young parent can connect to their children when it comes to modern society situations. You know, now a days most parents have generation gap which causes misunderstanding of lifestyle and interest. Take me as an example, my dad often scolds me for hanging out with my friends every weekends, as a result, it leads to a small argument.

  4. Why do Chinese people like to go to celebrations like wedding ceremony? 为什么中国人喜欢去参加婚礼之类的庆祝活动呢?

  Answer: There are bunch of reasons as to why they like attending wedding occasions. First thing is that, Chinese people like going to wedding occasions because of the reason that this is a once in a lifetime special experience for couples. They want to be part of the most special day to witness their matrimony. Another main reason is that, wedding is also a way to gather family members and relatives that have been separated for a long time. Just like my cousin’s wedding 3 years ago, we gathered in a hotel like a family reunion.






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